Thorsten Soltau / Weiss – Rezykla

Thorsten Soltau

Mini-disc – Electroton
Already the title, “Rezykla”, suggests the concept underlying these four refined, minimalist compositions. The two authors, Thorsten Soltau and Martin Weiss, each contribute two works in which they manipulates each other’s sounds. The exchanges transmute the rhythmic origins of these granular and segmented scores, provoking from both sides a glitchy and dotted aesthetic that shines in the counterpoint of its gaps, micro-sound emergencies and sobbing electroid jumps. This is a reactively experimental system that, while pointing at rather digital and dynamic dimensions, strongly maintains a specific self-assurance. This is a research into an essential quality of frequencies, which never gives in to weakness and frills. In “Rezykla” even the length of the tracks are the same, exactly five minutes, as if to emphasize a conceptual weight, a weight that these two audio-artists – very active in the electronic-electroacoustic scenes – rightly deserve, with their rigorous attitude, and their contemporary and non-academic plans.