AAVV – E84


CD – Entr’acte
This very interesting collection, published by Entr’acte, opens with the tense and grinding drones of Greek experimenter Yiorgis Sakellariou. The metallic, sustained sounds are presented in the guise of iterated strings and harmonics, before the second track, by Adam Asnan, introduces rough juxtapositions and field recordings in “Grumbles, Lapses” – a very abstract improvisational composition, stinging and vibrating through its strong passages. Pauwel De Buck also employs field recordings, nicely treated but still containing partially recognizable elements, sampled in a backyard, with an ethereal inspiration and a remarkable style, created with a certain rarefaction of the sound textures. Ticks, deaf auditory emergencies, tonal patterns and metropolitan “catches” are the backdrop of the dense articulations of Joshua Convey, a sound-artist who likes rather dark and inscrutable compounds. The selection ends with Adrián Democ, a young Slovak musician who does not mind a post-classical approach (soprano, flute and string quartet), modulating imperious scores imperceptibly disturbed by the sound of the audience.