Mike Vernusky – Music For Film And Electro-Theatre

Mike Vernusky

CD -Quiet Design
Metallic drones, forced puffing sounds, sub-frequencies and sculptural space-induced drifts: thus begins “Music For Film And Electro-Theatre”, the latest project of Mike Vernusky, who is, along with Cory Allen, the co-curator of Quiet Design Records, an experimental and eclectic label based in Austin, Texas, which effectively promotes artists such as Alvin Lucier, Tetuzi Akiyama, Yoshio Machida and Kioku (to name a few who have already appeared in our reviews and who add to this label’s multi-faceted and qualitatively rich catalog). Despite a rather extreme level of abstraction, the work appears to include narrative elements. In “Dallas” a tribunal is staged, evoking memories of the security officers of the Kennedy parade, as in a strange radio play. In other episodes pictures are brought to mind; simple environmental cues that suggest dreamlike and non-linear passages. In short, this is a kind of “sound script” that does not seem to be driven by an easily explainable plot or structure, a fascinating reportage, never dull or scarce in its evocations.