Fred Moth vs Ben Sheppee – 
av8ion ep

Fred Moth

lightrhythm visuals
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The now expansive VJ scene has historically included quite a few talented designers fond of club music, coupling it with their visual skills. In the 2000s a few Vjing “labels” were born, producing a different range of products, aimed more at its own niche than to the general public. Lightrhythm Visuals, one such label, has produced a number of dvd “albums”. These products are more often than not different from a plain dvd, integrating different features and extras: all the music tracks also in mp3 format, all the videos available in Iphone-compatible formats, a collection of usable VJ loops, a series of wallpaper desktops and links to fresh online updates with even more content. So “av8ion ep” is not the usual visual trip with some music in the background. The music made by Fred Moth is acceptable, sometimes even with a sloppy pop attitude. The visuals by Ben Sheppee exploit different visual tricks, beyond being well conceived, in impressive graphic design animated sequences that usually move in three-dimensional settings. The video uses only 1/3rd of the available horizontal space, nevertheless filling the spectators retinas with constantly moving, juxtaposing elements. Originally this setting was conceived to fill three attached horizontal screens forming a single visual space. Considering how the content is conceived, produced and packaged, this can be called “design music”, coupling appealing and tasteful design with pop rhythms.