Christian Galarreta – Computer Music Is Dead

Christian Galarreta

CD -Free Software Series
The collective of experimenters involved in the Free Software Series project continues to churn out new and interesting releases. This time, Peruvian Christian Galarreta, a “self-taught transdisciplinarian”, composer and performer accustomed to the more contemporary and trendy electronic scene, defines a suitable digital set, amplifying the magnetic fields caused by disordered electric parts, obtained by dissecting normal computers and using appropriate sensors for recording. The responsibility of such an enigmatic and provocative title, “Computer Music Is Dead”, is well balanced even in the second execution – which follows the same procedure – and is run under Apodio GNU/Linux: forcibly manipulating the graphical user interfaces of software like Mozilla Firefox, Qjackctl and Pure Data. There’s an indirect reference to a form of musical otherness that computer music, is doubly dying: as a medium reduced to mere loose parts, in the theory that “pushed” to its most radical consequences, it is protected from any “aesthetic” and “usability” sophistication.