Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider – Pianotapes

Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider

CD – Karaoke Kalk
Gentle, fragile chords played by Bill Wells and Stefan Schneider, a form of “chamber music” we might say, digs up an old-fashioned stylistic category. The former engages with harmonic scales while the latter records everything on two old tape recorders and replays elements at different speeds, engaging in a real-time feedback, giving immediate replies via modulations and tonal changes, before developing the sounds improvisationally in a progressive slide of forms and organized structures, quietly manipulating pace, time and measures. Bill Wells is not new to experimenting with typical instruments (piano, bass, guitar) and different sets, and boasts a wide range of collaborations within the indie, avant jazz and free form scenes (including work with The Pastels, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Lol Coxhill, Future Pilot A.K.A. and recently with Isobel Campbell, former member of Belle & Sebastian). Stefan Schneider, too, has an interesting background: he’s a permanent member of the To Rococo Rot, and his contribution, which is crucial to unraveling the light trills and slowed down loops, plays nicely through the fascinating sequences.