Acoustic Bend – Evala

Acoustic Bend

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Eccentric, reverberating frequencies, unconventional propagations and resonances, environmental auditory influences and field recordings come together in a work that insists on unusual topological transformations that are suspended in an imaginative crescendo, poised between natural senses and mechanical artifices. Synthetic excursions and slightly inconsistent compositional envelopes, consumed with digital and free-form stylization are presented in a vivid, communicative and effervescent way (to be expected at these latitudes of extreme experimentation). Environmental and natural sounds, hyper-vivid vibrations with unusual attitudes are classified stochastically and then immediately guided back into a succession of drones, clicks and spurious resonances, finally tamed in more sensitive vibrations and “new acoustic” passages. We are immersed in fringe areas, however, that less experienced listeners may normalize under the banner of ‘extreme’, but which to more sophisticated ears can indicate the presence of an acute sensitivity, reactive to the incorporeal and to the many “gray” areas that permeate our reception.