AAVV – An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music, Vol. 6


Mp3 – Sub Rosa
The sixth and penultimate episode of the Subrosa anthology dedicated to noise and electronic music (they are not in chronological order – we remind you) that encompasses the years 1957 to 2010 is maybe too large a period in the history of music, especially when considered in relation to the hugetechnological changes seen during the period. These changes in turn triggered an exponential multiplication of procedures, attitudes and theories, arriving alongside new techniques and experimentations that were neither doable nor sharable before. Even with this umpteenth double release on CD, there is a still a fairly “atypical” repertory that takes a transversal view towards approaches and cultures, featuring compositions by 26 authors, including names like Tzvi Avni, Dick Raaymakers and Else Marie Pade (just considering the fifties-sixties), or seminal masters such as Henry Cowell and more recent authors, Z’ev, Stephen O’Malley, John Duncan and ILIOS. It features composers who know how to swirl hyperbolic sounds – the avant-gardes haven’t always expressed themselves in a rarefied ways: the very choice of juxtaposing noise with electronic music, in some way – in fact – already prefigures a line of interpretation among the many possible.