Roel Funcken – Vade

Roel Funcken

CD – Ad Noiseam
“Vade”, the debut album by Roel Funcken, one of two founders of the combo Funckarma, reflects many starts and contemporary electronic envelopes, connecting diverse trends and attitudes, in a melting pot of stylistic practices suspended between dubstep, IDM and several other club influences. Leveraging a twisted “beats abstraction”, the result of refined and hybrid processes, he blends a distinctive sound, modulating passages close to a “wonky” and “glitch” aesthetic, flavoring fractured electroid mixes but also generating more iterated, hypnotic and dubby moments. Among the sixteen tracks in this project there are also drum’n’bass influences, conceptualized in a mixtape continuum, which follows a very fluid and engaging pace and opens in more environmental, futuristic and cryptic sequences. The work is big, compressed and performed with great technical mastery and attention to detail. Even if the result suffers from a bit of “coldness”, it still reflects a very refined inspiration.