Marcus Maeder – Annex

Marcus Maeder

MiniCD – Domizil
In architecture, an “annex” area is typically an extension of the main building. Similarly, the engravings on this mini CD complement and supplement what Marcus Maeder has achieved in his latest project, “Subsegmental” ‚ a release published in the summer of 2009 by Domizil, a label which will soon celebrate fifteen years of unconventional productions focused on digital culture and the most innovative and eclectic sound research. Here fragments are played at low speeds, with very dilated audio emergencies – the ones that peek out between the grooves of this collection – alongside drones made of segments and fine frequencies, which require careful tuning. In the always enigmatic result of an eccentric acoustic topography that is focused on very beautiful sonic landscapes, rising to form a micro-cosmos of events and stylistic compulsions, the diverse assortments glow in the perception of a new register of strange events and peculiar vibrational presences. This is a worthy addition to a handsome and indomitable neo-avant-garde, which has already expressed itself beautifully in original work.