Autistici – Detached Metal Voice / Early Works Vol. 1


CD – Audiobulb
Shortly after releasing his second album, Complex Tone Test, David Newman, a British composer and sound designer better known under the moniker Autistici, is back at work with a new project. In Detached Metal Voice, from the first volume of the “Early Works”, a body of noisy audio data, imperfections and interferences seem to be arranged in quite rarefied sequences, and may also include different recordings, with an abstract conceptual result. A somewhat eager narrative, full of experimental dynamics and rather diverse techniques, enacted with restraint and stylistic mastery. In the heterogeneity of the plots, there are even minimal jazzy grooves – in very hybrid forms – reflections of an “emotional” execution that the author doesn’t eschew, fascinated by a plethora of influences and references. Dynamic elements overlap quite vividly and in a participative way, sometimes favoring more metallic and rhythmical scores, but always conveying a disturbing feeling of acoustic pollution.