v4w.enko – snd


mini-CDr – Electroton
“Snd” is a sound project by v4w.enko, the moniker of the Ukrainian researcher whose real name is Evgen Vaschenko, a multifaceted artist involved with electronic sounds, video streams, and algorithm manipulation. Electroton emphasizes that a sequence of instructions can trigger a simple process, a set of simple processes, or it may be contained in a collection having a specific spatial structure. This structure can be modified by reorganizing the relations between elementary processes, as well as by a more accurate adjustment of the instruction set. Consequently, the different blocks can be arranged into a new composition. The mere substitution of a homogeneous part can then generate a complete rearrangement of the entire system, a rule that, in the specific case of the seven pieces included here, is not always used. At the end of the day, what remains is the tangibility of a general process and the consequent sensitization, abstract but still very receptive.