AAVV – Test Tone Anthology


3CD – Medama
Textures, rhythms and audio layers mix in this work, following the many forms of an experimental and abstract electronica, in the first of the three volumes of this series of “test tones”. It’s an anthology that draws inspiration from the music scene of the SuperDeluxe, in Tokyo, a club that represents the more trendy and digital side of the Japanese nightlife. Located in the Shibuya district, the minimalist lounge bar hosts a myriad of small events, with DJ’s and radical performances, and is the meeting point of a very non-conventional group of sound manipulators. This triple release is a very effective representation of such fertile musical practices, by virtue of a radical nature never expressed in similar European works. In the second volume, too – in fact – between steelpans, kalimbas, bells, tuning forks and metronomes, we can perceive slight murmurs, steps and other environmental influences. Recordings that, by capturing the immediacy of live performances, do not seem to encourage – however – an inattentive and meditative or scarcely involved listening experience. The selections – edited by Cal Lyall – finally come together in the third and latest CD, in tumultuous drifts towards noise-rock and jazzy leftfield: it could not be otherwise, after presenting so many rarefied styles.