Frank Rothkamm – Ghost Of New York

Frank Rothkamm

CD – Rothkammusic
The first release of the planned series of three CDs and a DVD, “Tetralogy” by Frank Rothkamm starts with “Ghost Of New York”, a spectral and detailed study of metropolitan poltergeist, a work in progress that since the beginning appears inspired by strong symbolic references, cryptic entities and energy “catches”. Paranormal phenomena to face not with a proton backpack and a ghost trap, but armed with digital and analog instruments, microphones and ad-hoc software, ready to record every slight fluctuation, separating the barely hinted frequencies from the more solid drones, the occult resonances, the blips and the intricate layers. Very fleeting presences indeed, rarefied and destabilizing, that the sound artist – becoming a sort of medium – unfolds in five different tracks, exemplifying effectively how the strength of an invocation, just for the fact of being uttered, has an effect on reality. Disembodied intelligences, the very nature of all the abstract and conceptual artistic work, are what the listener faces here: “electronic voices” used to metaphonic phenomena.