Christopher Hipgrave – Day

Christopher Hipgrave

CD – Home Normal
Stylized algorithmic abstractions, tonal sounds steeped in melodic elements, cross-manipulations resulting from the fusion of textures and granular frequencies. “Day” is subdivided into seven different tracks but the continuum seems finely modulated in real time. Itis difficult to separate the individual moments and inspirations, since they are part of the same daily grace, which every morning repeats its cycle of events and experiences. Christopher Hipgrave seems fascinated by harmonic and redundant is this the correct word choice? instincts, induced by a “sweet” approach, governed by vibrational fields that enliven the entire work, which fluctuates greatly in a rarefied but never fatuous way. Slowly, the alternation of sequences heats the last few tracks, and reflects intentions that are still wrapped up in a quietist electronica, made of isolated but complementary elements. Hisses, crackles and spurious elements remain in the background to prove the strong contemporary nature of this experiment that evolves towards a form of a new “next level” elegiac classicism.