Tu M’ – Monochromes Vol.1

Tu M'

CD -Line
Released under the moniker Tu M’ (Rossano Polidoro and Emiliano Romanelli), an interesting and all Italian mixed media project is unraveled in a rather airy and meditative way for the prestigious Line label. Since 2000, Line has been curated and directed by Richard Chartier, a sound/installation artist and graphic designer among the greatest names in the microsound scene. The environmental structures are very effective and reverberate in a very dilated and modular way, in delicate and atmospheric disturbances, converging in vivid laptop articulations, synergic in their poetic iterations and audio-video confluences. The scores of the four different “monochromes” are organized in the manner of hypnotic digital sketches, though it is the continuum that stands out from the overall structure, vibrating with airy loop-based montages. The textures are only apparently static, but are in fact rich in layers and resonances, perhaps stemming from a crystalline desire for synthesis, of a newfound lightness or a state of grace, unintelligible in their deep orchestral resonances, but definitely evocative and rich in multidisciplinary suggestions.