Richard Chartier – Untitled (Angle.1)

Richard Chartier

CD – Non Visual Objects
This new project by Richard Chartier stems from a collaboration with visual artist Linn Meyers. Chartier is an electronic composer engaged in a serious minimalist brand of reductionism. In Untitled (Angle.1), the author carefully brings about the co-penetration of optical and sound models, a juxtaposition of the organic and the digital in a unified sensory space. An angle between two walls about five meters long and half as tall defines a space both abstract and physical, a sound room which mixes frequencies and formal tensions, through projection lines drawn directly on the flat surface of the two backgrounds, while eight audio transducers are attached directly on the back of the panels. One moves – in short – on a wave of subtle perceptions, microsounds with delicate granular envelopes blurred in passages characterized by a consistently fascinating audio quality, rarefied and rigorous. Almost indistinguishable drones, synthetic squeaks that give life to suggestive similarities, echoes and reverberations and spectral structures all converge – forcing audience members into a highly sensitive state, with the capacity to perceive the slightest impulse.