Gilles Aubry – s6t8r

Gilles Aubry

CD – Winds Measure
With a title that looks like a captcha, a hardbound, all-white, material design (developed by the designer Ben Owen) and a publishing volume of only 300 copies, Gilles Aubry commits his latest project to the catalog of Winds Measure Recordings – a label from Brooklyn appropriately focused on experimental productions in limited edition and handmade packages. In the sound elaborations of the Swiss artist – now based in Berlin – the formal structures stand out clearly, rigorously maintained in the stream of drones, field recordings and computer programming, fascinating in the repeated swelling of sequences. The work was recorded in the rooms of the Stralau 68, a very popular space – now closed – in the capital city of reunified Germany, and one dedicated to experimental music. The peculiarity of these recordings resides in the different “environmental” components of the spaces, the open, diverse soundscapes, each with a specific “color” quality. The citation of the dull rattle must refer to the “death trains” of the Nazi era, as well as to a more universal concepts such as “being on a journey” or – conversely – to everyday life, inspired by the repetition of acoustic events.