Autistici – Complex Tone Test


CD – Kesh
Dilated and charming tonal sequences, micro-sonorities and patterns that gently intersect, ticks, acoustic and more synthetic structures arise in this new work by Autistici (David Newman), a sound-artist based in Sheffield, head-honcho of Audiobulb. Even if this record starts with very placid sequences, there’s no risk of getting bored here. In “Complex Tone Test” we’re in the middle of reverbs, soft organ elaborations, space orchestrations and textures, so the attention is always kept alive. The addition of audio-elements (“noise” generated by coffee machines, doors, sounds emitted from his own body), used in the composition in the form of minimal field recordings, better define the scope of the project, altogether marked by a very elaborate use of psycho-acoustics, soaked in subtle distortions, digital pulses, melodies and always transversal experiments. It doesn’t matter which of the many sub-tests is more incisive, because it’s the whole that keeps the inspiration “entropic”, a measure of the disorder of sounds which will never be lost.