AAVV – Feeding The Transmitter

AAVV - Feeding The Transmitter

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“Feeding The Transmitter” collects artists with backgrounds in ambient, electronic and glitch who share an interest in contemporary and experimental attitudes. The work is focused on very unusual rhythmic structures and click-n-bleep textures, often “stuffed” with samples and field recordings. Michael Santos, Maps And Diagrams, Autistici, Poborsk and Pleq alternate, looking for a very fluid but cohesive mood – almost a continuum – modulating highly evocative atmospheres and using estranging poetic passages. The sounds intertwine but are diluted by “spacey” variations, either from acoustic or synthetic instruments, or from musical intermezzi – creating a dreamy minimalist effect. Expanded drones evoke a dimension made for pleasant listening but at the same time one which is sophisticated and never takes anything for granted.