Domenico Sciajno – Doves Days In Palermo

Domenico Sciajno

CD – Bowindo
From March to July 2008 Palermo held the ‘Doves Days’, ‘Meetings of music, sounds and experimental electronic arts’ – a festival organised for the third time by Antitesi. Works were selected for this edition for their ability to cultivate a sense of cultural exchange between artists, practitioners and a public of enthusiasts. The festival aimed to implement fruitful new synergies, with collaboration between artists and groups from the independent digital scene covering a range of styles from free electro-acoustic jazz improvisation to live-processing electronic music and sound-art. There was a focus on exploring the boundaries of contemporary sound aesthetics. Five events were hosted, including live performances by Gene Coleman, Robin Hayward, Illachime Quartet, Kim Cascone and Ursula Scherrer. The resulting sounds were recorded and then subsequently used as materials, recombined and restructured by Sciajno – without further processing – while maintaining a strong sense of the ‘live’ happening and the brilliant audio-interactive structures.