links for 2009-4-3

  • Pitch is adjusted by moving hands left and right. Volume is adjusted by moving hands up and down. Vibrato is adjusted by moving hands foward and backward. Many players and hands are possible, and the control can be applied to any MIDI instrument.
  • Geert Mul collected amature photographs of Roombeek- a neighborhood which was destroyed in 2000 by a firework factory explosion. The photographs of the former neighborhood make the content of a poetic interactive installation about memory and loss.
    (tags: art visual media)
  • Sampled printer for a rock tune in a 3D video.
    (tags: art music video)
  • Pace Digital Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition premiering 3 works commissioned by Turbulence by R. Luke Dubois, Stephanie Rothenberg, and G.H. Hovagimyan with Christina McPhee
    (tags: art media video net)