The Noiser – Trilogie Des Fantomes

The Noiser

CD – Free Software Series
Otherworldly desires, dense atmospheres, gloomy and rarefied, drones and wide textures, the ‘Trilogie Des Fantômes’ is project by Julien Ottavi, also known as The Noiser – a sound artist/activist in the APO 33 collective of Nantes, the makers of Apodio, a GNU/Linux platform expressly used for this production. This work is an intricate electronic elaboration of the author’s own voice, a guttural ‘sound poetry’ that is simultaneously a paradoxical assembly, an unlikely relationship, expressed in the alienating comparison of machines and human beings. Recorded vocal utterances gain strength from meeting with technology. Clearly, this is not just a song – not even an outlandish one. Neither is it flesh and nerves, nor memory and nature. Here, the mutation is complete, the space is metamorphic, the future has already collapsed on the present: the condition it seeks is meta-existence. Only three tracks constitute the seventy minutes of harsh sounds. It remains a coherent work nonetheless; thrilling and concrete, abstract but still very physical, full of materiality and agony.