Various Artists/ Klang Elektronik – Diamanten Und Raketen II

Various Artists

CD – Klang Elektronik

This is a selection made by Alter Ego’s Roman Flugel based on the Klang Elektronik catalogue. The album consists of tracks which are not mixed, but often almost ‘juxtaposed’ in the search for a continuum – perhaps a questionable trick in terms of intrinsic consistency. All the productions included remain representative of the label’s catalogue, which was founded by Heiko Schäfer (aka M / S / O) and Atanasios Christos Macias (aka Ata), both active since the time of the Acid Jesus group (Roman Flügel & Jorn Elling Wuttke) at the beginning of the nineties. This creative meeting has created a fertile eclecticism, well balanced among techno, minimal, electro and downtempo, especially in the early days, when the abstract components were still strong and the first mixes of electronica and groove culture were emerging. Later came a deep influence on the course of house – tout court – infusing elements of ‘conceptualization’ unrelated to the house tradition in the beginning. These sounds are better represented in the most “detroitesque” components and involve artists like Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Phage and Daniel Dreier, Oliver Ho, Eight Miles High, Carsten Jost and Dryer.