David Bartel – Deep Sound Channel 1

David Bartel

CD – Angry Vegan
Recorded at Brooklyn and Trenton (New York), Deep Sound Channel 1, for all its mixing of electronic bleeps, dub grooves and last generation clicks, certainly doesn’t surrender to strong electro-acoustic influences. The musician involved in this project (Adam Caine, Jeff Kaiser, Jacqui Carrasco) have relatively similar backgrounds; all have experience in composing and share an interest in jazz improvisation groups. Dj D-Waves joins the combo, under the Angry Vegan brand, painstakingly mixing the passages, creating a further mix of textures and moods. Here, the atmospheres unfold amazingly with dark, underground, reconsidered forms – more aesthetic than structural – that remain vivid in their collaborative synthesis. This is supported by a host of new laptop techniques and ideas. The nice cover artwork is also well worth noting; created by Folkert Gorter, a member of Superfamous Studio – a network alliance especially active in design and communication.