Somatic Responses – Digital Darkness

Somatic Responses

CD – Hymen
“Faceted” juxtaposition of rhythmic structures, technoid and “stepped”, catering to Industrial and Breakcore taste with intricate textures, changing atmospheres, digital “darts”and excesses. Welshmen John and Paul Healy (known as Somatic Responses) have been using dissonant mixtures for the last fifteen years. They have released albums with labels such as Shockwave, Praxis, Ant-Zen, Ad Noiseam and – of course – Hymen. Their ingredients are well tested and here there are very few innovations. The sequences are skillfully articulated and with few sound abuses, mitigating previous, more extreme attitudes. Nevertheless the tb-303s are still pulsating, among gloomy sonorities, atonal “joints” and a few “suspended” moments, aided by plug-in and dark drum’n’bass references. Fifteen tracks with a beautiful artwork (by that seems to be inspired by space and a futuristic appeal are sported in this album.