Listen to the sounds of your heartstrings

heart chamber orchestra

The “Heart Chamber Orchestra“, performed by 12 classical musicians and the artist team of TERMINALBEACH, consists of a computer-based composition and real-time data visualization show controlled by the performer’s heartbeats. While playing, each of the 12 musicians are hooked up to an ECG (Electro Cardiogram) machine where a computer then analyzes their heart rates. The acquired information is then collected and used to simultaneously compose a musical score. Also while they play, their heartbeats can influence and alter the music itself, similar to a feedback mechanism where the production gains in intensity as the performers continue to play. When they begin, there is no predetermined existing score that the musicians can follow. Due to this, there is no way for the musicians to rehearse their performance as it is dynamic and can change at any moment. Since every performance is unique, when experiencing repeated performances, onlookers will be be able to gauge the stress levels of the performers and in turn receive a brand new show for every visit.

Jonah Brucker Cohen