Mattin – Free SS 04 / Free Software Series


CD – Anti-Copyright
The releases which make up this seminal series are all dedicated to promoting experimental sounds created using free software. It’s a simple and very direct way to show how different the approaches to making electronic music can be these days, not necessarily constrained by the latest expensive softwares or by the (equally expensive) hype imposed by the release of more and more advanced laptops, controllers and digital consoles. No one better than Mattin, a revolutionary and spartan activist and advocate of new models of conceptualism in music, could have underlined the effect of the new era made possible by the immaterial abstraction of data. The concatenations of no-copyright sounds are made with tenuous and disillusioned sound structures. Delicate computer sounds, minimal yet brutal sequences which shy away from any compromise between opposite tensions. Here, radicalism is everything and there is no middle ground.