Kapital Band 1 – Playing By Numbers

Kapital Band 1, Playing By Numbers

CD – Mosz
Behind the moniker Kapital Band 1 there’s a duo formed by Martin Brandlmayr and Nicholas Bussman (also known as ‘The Golden Boys’ and ‘Hair’), two musician very skilled in iterating sensitive sounds, dilating patterns and organizing improvisations. Their abstractions chase the possibilities inspired by everyday moments, like in the second track, for instance, a sort of orchestration, a night scene in Vienna, made with field recordings but reconstructed with the exact idea of ’22 seconds’ that ‘have become our world’. The scores are certainly less synthetic than their past ones (this is their third release, after their debut which won a honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica) and their attention sounds skewed towards acoustic music. In fact, all the instruments are played by them, except the flute, played by Erik Drescher. Slightly melancholic atmospheres, alluring, delicate but vivid, which put together experiment and musicality in a good way.