Felix Kubin Und Das Mineralorchester – Music For Theatre And Radio Play

Felix Kubin Und Das Mineralorchester

CD – Dekorder
Extracted from Felix Kubin’s radio and theater projects, published by Dekorder, an eclectic label based in Hamburg at its 22nd release, for the first time these tracks see the light on a CD. They are undoubtedly very atypical materials, which fully reflect the complex personality of this artist, influenced by the historical avant-gardes but also attracted to the technological imagery of a finely ‘written’ retro-futurist vision (maniacally centered on the Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin). It’s a musical ghost encompassing different styles and attitudes, tangled rhythms, unhealthy orchestral airs, electro-acoustic and vaudeville. It’s a post-dadaist bric-a-brac very good at hitting the right keys of our imagination, entering deeply into our synapses with lost melodies, dreamlike jumps and poetic-electronic sophistications.