Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, ‘Luminous Echo’.

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival

Amongst the art and technology international festivals, the Hong Kong’s based Microwave is one of the Asia oldest one, yet still not enough acknowledged internationally. Its 11th edition, titled ‘Luminous Echo’, is taking place from 10 to 18 November and is inspired by “breaking down the barrier between man and machine”. This is tentatively accomplished spreading the festival through the physical hosting luminous city. So apart from an Hong Kong Balletikka Internettikka performed by Intima Base, there’ll be video program (frame-based and procedural animations plus film and videos from YouTube) screened on the LED megascreens around the city. The exhibition will feature works by Daan Roosegaarde, FM3, Graffiti Research Lab, Henry Chu, Interactive Sonic Systems, Jens Brand, Kingsley Ng, Kiyoshi Furukawa, Masaki Fujihata, Wolfgang Münch, Yao Bin. Furthermore a ‘Media x Activism’ conference will try to investigate how theories and practices in the urban territory (both real and virtual) can change people relationship with the private/public media space, involving Brian Holmes, Brane Zorman, Igor Stromajer, Hans Bernhard, Alessandro Ludovico, and some representatives from Google, Philips, Demiurge Unit and Drinkazine.