David Gilmour Girls – Vultures

David Gilmour Girls

CD – Relish/Family Affair
Early this year, we had already discovered the first recordings by Jasper Uhl and Robin Van Der Kaa, aka David Gilmour Girls, included in the selections of Relish Recordings, eclectically articulated by Headman in italo-disco and electro styles, so we’re not surprised to find a powerful mix of psy, electronica and new wave in this first full album of theirs. Their virtuoso feats are the result of the use of traditional instruments, some of them digital, with a penchant for the dancefloor, but not without live attitudes (as in a hypothetical ‘Led Zeppelin meets Moroder’). Fluid and well-articulated sequences with an experimental appeal due to the unusual confluence of rock and electronica.
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