Test Dept – The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom

Test Dept, The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom

CD – Some Bizzare/Audioglobe
This is a reprint of the historical second album by Test Dept, an original combo from London which has been active since the very early Eighties, which saw, aside from the ‘dark’ and ‘synth pop’ waves, the first steps of the industrial culture. It was an original idea whose goal was, with the use of waste materials, to create new musical structures in metropolitan contexts. It was an open collective (as it wasn’t uncommon at the time), characterized by strong political attitudes, whose political activities touched non-conventional artistic and cultural themes (the miners’ struggle, social issues, Welsh and Celtic culture) and whose sounds evolved towards more electronic sides, always very experimental and intense. ‘The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom’ is one of their best and most interesting albums, mixing dark atmospheres, speeches, multiform rhythms and all kinds of percussions together with choirs and classical sounds. The experiments of that time turned into the ‘rave’ movement, keeping their appeal and charisma intact.