Mathias Delplanque – Le Pavillon Temoin

Mathias Delplanque, Le Pavillon Temoin

CD – Low Impedance
Between electronica and concrete music, glitch and improvisation, flows the inspiration of ‘Le Pavillon Temoin’, a delicate sound environment by Mathias Delplanque, a musician-producer from Burkina Faso, who used to go by the monikers of Bidlo and Lena. There are many levels this work can be listened on, suspended in light melodies, controlled dissonances, classical reminiscences and contemporary destructurations, thanks also to the worthy collaborations that follow a very sensitive inspiration along the articulations of the tracks, although there’s a constant but never boring background theme. It’s an interesting and sophisticated project, where the electro-acoustic characters become lighter and purer thanks to the diverse (partly pop, even) suggestions.