Matthew Herbert – Score

Matthew Herbert, Score

CD- !K7 Records
This is a very delicate selection of movie soundtracks commissioned to Matthew Herbert, who composed them casting aside his typical electronic approach, but keeping somewhat homogeneous musical traits. It’s one of the qualities of his constructions, and yet he can eclectically modulate traditional jazz and soft narrating atmospheres, cabaret impressions, ambient-glitch, microsounds and ethnic influences. This artist’s productivity doesn’t fit into closed schemes and styles, and another ability of his is to be able to handle the constant movement between genres, and he’s equally versed in the new techniques and the ancient knowledge. Herbert isn’t just the artist who redefined the canons of house music in the Nineties, the remixer of stars or the minimalist-conceptual performer: his multifaceted being is perceptible in all of his activity, this time lending itself to a more relaxed enjoyment, even melancholic, dreamlike and abstract in the endless suggestions that he’s always able to infuse.