Girl Talk – Night Ripper

Girl Talk

CD – Illegal Art
Disembodied pop shards, detached from their original contexts, skillfully recombined with mash-up techniques: it’s Gregg Gillis, (aka Girl Tank), the author of these compulsive but joyous dissections. He maniacally investigates every assonance, hoarding completely forgotten songs from the Eighties andputting them in his tracks. ‘Night Ripper’ is Gillis’ third plunderphonic implementation, and it looks like he got carried away by this game, abandoning conceptualism (like what’s happening in breakcore music) and turning towards more carnal predispositions and frantic dance excesses. With a music ranging from Nikka Costa to 2PAC, it’s difficult to even turn off one’s own home stereo set. You can imagine the impression it makes in one of his many live performances, with a crowd of adoring fans in front of him.