Pete Stollery – Un son peut en cacher un autre

Pete Stollery, Un son peut en cacher un autre

DVD Audio – Empreintes Digitales
Pete Stollery was one of the first members of the Birmingham’s BEAST (a renewed center for electroacoustic reserach) and now he runs the (similar) University of Aberdeen’s Electroacoustic Music Studio. He’s a conscious acousmatic researcher, well known in the scene, and he has a peculiar ability in the art of combining and colliding sounds. He cultivates this practices and musical conceptions while showing a rare technical expertise. That seem the reason why, in this case, he opts for the DVD audio format, that assures a higher Khz/bit resolution. The album focus seem to be on the quality of the granular textures, the deep manipulation of the field recordings, and the consequent integration in an everchanging mesmerizing continuum. Nevertheless the musical structures are definitively the outcome of a self-referential system.