Strange Attractor vs Disinformation – Circuit Blasting

Strange Attractor vs Disinformation

CD – Adaadat
This is a collaborative project involving Joe Banks (Disinformation), audio-visual artist and electronic experimenter close to the circuit bending scene, together with Mark Pilkington, editor of the Strange Attractor Journal. This record is focused on live recording (edited afterwards) and result of a vastresearch on the electrically generated magnetic fields in order to produce unusual and appealing sounds. It is structured in dilated loops, percussive patterns and frequencies. We can appreciate the kaleidoscopic processed tracks, obtained with small toy keyboards, high voltage electro-medical instruments, fluorescent neon tubes, wood lamps and old antennas. A sort of avant-garde bricolage, rooted in the experiences of the futurist tradition, to the kinetic and programmed art, certain eighties performing art, till the current extreme developments, ever more immaterial and ethereal.