Muslimgauze – Ingaza


CD – Staalplaat
Initially released by Staalplaat in 1999 (the same year of his passing away) as part of the ‘Box Of Silk And Dogs’ comes out again in an elegant triangular package Muslimgauze’s Ingaza. He was a cult artist, politically motivated for the arab-palestinian cause and a seminal experimenter of the ethnical samples’ use with minimal and electronic rhythms. The atmospheres retain intact the original charm made out of full and gloomy, but pulsating in the provoked emotions, very different from the exotic and ornamental processing of certain world music. Drum machines, old synths, percussion, all combined in a traditional way, without any computer help. Sounds anyway already permeated with what will have come, drawing on different genres but always supporting a specific poetic. “Peace is a distant dream” Bryn Jones said (this was his real name), in one of his latest interviews. He died for a rare blood disease, and on both sizes things seem to unfortunately still be the same.