Marc Behrens and Paulo Raposo – Hades

Marc Behrens,  Paulo Raposo, Hades, and/OAR, behrensraposo_hades.jpg

CD – and/OAR

Marc Behrens and Paulo Raposo made this recordings one by one at the beginning, on board a ferry boat and in other places near the Lisbon area’s landing places within the space of three years (2001 – 2003). All the recording were afterwards edited and condensed in only four tracks, poetically hoveringbetween analytical vocations and audio-narrations. The work is effective in the extreme refined assemblage tidiness, varied in drones and textures. The sequences are then dilated, and the harmonies and the iterations, very well structured following sensitive attractions to (even) immaterial atmospheres. These practices becomes really influential when the skills are so unequivocal. These methods are not new in experimental music, but in this case they reflect the most inspired environments of the genre. This is an incomparably limpid sound art work, even in the uncertain lack of specific programs and theories supporting what the music extensively tells and charms.