Funkstorung – Appendix

Funkstorung, Appendix

CD – !K7/Audioglobe
This is a remix album, the last official act for a couple of producers and djs that was a strong influence on the last years history of experimental / beatz (or mainstream / underground) relationship. We are talking about Michael Fakesch and Chris de Luca, better known as Funkstorung, Björk, Autechre and Wu-Tang Clan remixers. A career hovering between extreme experimental music and pop business, waving futuristic and distorted funky, but somehow always blinking to the sterile glossy world of the ‘fashionista’ establishment. Probably it’s the relentless destiny of those who were not able to embrace news scenes and movements, that in the groove area has produced a lot since the middle nineties. There was and there is still the stuff they were made of, so we’re a little bit sorry that the whole innovative talent is lost in the remixes trickles, even nice but without stylistic perspectives (except the one included in their brilliant biography). A sadly defunct path, waiting for the already scheduled solo debuts.