Cagesan – I Love Machine


CD – Beau Brun
Songbirds of the world unite, Cagesan (small chirping birds coming from Tasmania) will be your vanguard. Everybody can be a rockstar, the super-goldfinch said (and we agree of course). As important, the same feathered tells, is to overcome the gap between alternative music languages andcoded human works, here represented by 15 skilled electronic musicians devoting themselves to this cause. They are intertwining strident and mellow sounds, also experimental and amused. Felix Kubin, O.Lamm, Davide Balula, MC Cat Genius, Reznicekand and among the others Olga, Montag, Fashion Flech, DJ Chienloup do their best to make digital collages ‘in the round’, and as self-confident declentions (never banal) of beloved productive areas. These artists shows ludic hints and they sweep (very politely) over attitudes, colors, sounds and theories.