Stephan Mathieu & Janek Shaefer – Hidden Name

Stephan Mathieu & Janek Shaefer, Hidden Name, Crónica, mathieuschaefer_hiddenname.jpg

CD – Crónica
A new collaborative project by Stephan Mathieu and Janek Shaefer, after their experience at Mutek in Canada, in 2002, the first time these two artists have met, soon followed the next year by the recordings with Radboud Mens and Timeblind and by the 2005 performance in Poland at the Musica Genera Festival. This is a production designed and made in the South of England, in a country house which belonged to a classical composer (or so the story goes), where our artists have found a box full of old vinyl records, which they used in their very dilated and elliptical passages, recurring movements pointing to a state of apparent calmness, suspended and dream-like. Besides the traditional instruments, there are sitars, bells, voices and field recordings, sounds of an icy and sober beauty, further edited at the New York Music Research Center, an auditorium well known for its uncommon acoustic qualities.