Matt Rogalsky – Memory Like Water

Matt Rogalsky

CD – Xperimental Intermedia
It seems that the Canadian author Matt Rogalsky is attracted by absence and a sort of proposing stasis, in his creative maelstrom halfway between iterative music, drones and improvisation, invisible and inaudible matter, which seconds ‘ignored information flows’. ‘Memory Like Water’ shows an almost classic register at the beginning, even though in the extreme and rarefied forms of the first four long suites on a total of seven, in these two CDs published by Xperimental Intermedia. Seven performances made with the help of some software programs (‘Kash’, ‘Sprawl’) designed by the author himself. Starting from the third track, there are collaborative improvisations, at first based on violins, then guitars, then on manipulations of the sounds of two radio stations or using techniques of granular synthesis, weaving sound textures and delicate minimal melodies.