Joan Leandre – Archivos Babilonia, The War Room

Joan Leandre, Archivos Babilonia, The War Room, OVNI, archivos_babilonia_2006.jpg

dvd video – OVNI
Is it true that sometimes reality exceeds fantasy and leaves astounded more than any elaborated construction? In this new outcome of the research Joan Leandre is doing with his OVNI (Observatori De Video No Identificat) event, we can experience a continuos befuddling, barely edited sequence of propaganda that is not anymore broadcasted in a traditional sense. Reality Games, in fact, are pushing the mediation of war pictures in the electronic domain, disembodying the propaganda as we knew it through the fascination of the simulation state of the art that the military have always owned. If the endless repeating tv sequence of September 11 hit skyscrapers would have anesthetized the audience at the time, the Kuma War videogames are so quickly released after the latest war news that they are in a way ‘implementing’ them, contributing to inoculate a definitive non-separation between reality and interactive simulated reality. This merging of different levels of conscience is deeply involving the user and it takes place on the same screen. A new general perception of mass murdering is then being developed and delivered so fast to the minds of gamers. But the excellent Archivos Babilonia cutting is one of the few effective critical attack on it.