Noise Driven Ambient Audio and Visuals


Beyond the overexploited abstract paradigm, there are few artists endlessly experimenting with digital technologies and video, never tired to play with new hybrids and visions. Yoshi Sodeoka (c505) is a long time member of the design underground community that feels the urge to experiment with the formal aspects out of the usual canons, using the code as a propeller. His decade long partnership with Sean Rooney has come to this first comprehensive official release that hosts some of their best audio/visual works. Their specific attitude is dealing with the screen as a specific medium, considering the rectangular retro-illuminated space as a cultural / geometrical space. So the use of light pulsation (the essence of tv transmissions for grabbing our attention) and the footage reduced to only one of the possible elements of a narrative, are only two of the cutting tools used to liquidize the videoart classic compositions through the programming language infinite machine. The screen dimensions seem to condition the forms and the same screen is often visually sampled in a redundant conceptual loop. The vision processing is then in a way ‘augmented’ through the intertwining of techniques and the chromatic taste that spans all the works. Five guest directors (Lew Baldwin, Day-Dream, Jonathan Turner and WeWorkForThem) produced respectively five more works (included), sharing the very peculiar duo spirit.