Day Planning, Single Step Guide To Success

Day Planning

The non-structured and chaotically organized information on the net is slowly reflecting its properties to our own daily data environment. The information management of everyday tasks is a western world problem that has already been analyzed and handled in many different ways. This topic is a must amongst the blog editors, that try to share ‘collective intelligence’ approaches to solve the repeating and annoying routines of everyday. In the end it seems a revenge against the mass of tiny and time-wasting electronic personal organizers, that are very often less effective than a pencil and some paper. Day Planning, by the pioneer Heath Bunting, is a work with his own embodiment of sorting out daily task, premiered at the current exhibition Cutting, Climbing, Crossing, part of the very long titled joint exhibition ‘Ubermorgen.Com: [F]originals. Authenticity as Consensual Hallucination and Bunting vs. Ubermorgen.Com: dayplandrugblog. two ways to live your life as a (former) net artist’. The paper and computed information are dynamic and interconnected, reflecting an evolving and more and more complex scheme. But amongst the obvious and the trivial, there are some abstract and disrupting printed or written notes, more close to ‘hidden coded subversive poetry’ than to ‘manifestoes’. They clearly testify an artificial (in nature), but now quite natural in practice, need of thinking about things as if they are always inter-related (or we should easily say ‘connected’ or ‘networked’).