Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture


Every room has a story, every place has an emotional nature, that could be partially derived, but most of all explored and changed. This is the founding principle of theCrystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture by that uses the participant experience and their submitted pictures and texts. It’s a work that belong to the psychogeographic tradition, that studies the effects of the geographic environment on the individual’s emotions and behaviors. The project is part of a broader research field that aims at the development of a theoretical knowledge able to subvert the ordinary concepts of space, time and language. It develops in two different directions: one in the urban Utrecht and the other one on the net. In either case, anyway, the uncertainty of the final result dominates the enjoyment. There are no apparent goals, nor ideal ones. There is the clear awareness that in an empty space the inner information flow (made by the blending of past events emotional debris and present experiences) can build a new space virtual identity, subject to continuous mutations. An emotional space, evocative and generating, whose explorations causes a decontextualization already analyzed by Debord and Wolman in their ‘Methods of detournement’. “The individual produces an extension of the self, an ambient or path within he moves freely… It goes without saying that one is not limited to correcting a work or to integrating diverse fragments of out-of-date works into a new one, one can also alter the meaning of those fragments in any appropriate way…”

Francesca Tomassini