Silverfish Stream, relational sound spheres

Silverfish Stream

Constanza Silva is a new media artist who creates complex interactive environments where sound and robotic are the essential elements of a connected network. Silverfish Stream is her most recent artwork and, according to the author, ‘it is a sensual, poetic,exploration of the potential of human-machine interaction’. Two aluminum spheres equipped with sensors occupy the physical space of a gallery, ready to react to inputs. The presence of the viewer modifies their initial state of immobility and becomes the input for the movement that seems to be autonomous. The two spheres roll on the floor interacting together like in a pas de deux choreography, but with a certain level of unpredictability caused by their slight unevenness and ridges. The viewer seems to be excluded from the movement, while he is the source of energy and an active part of the scene. The sound generated by the friction of the metallic robots against the floor, like that created by the contact between man and machine, is registered, altered and played in real time by the spheres, each with its own tonality, and amplified in the room. What is generated is a stream of multisensory information (visual, auditive, tactile), natural environment for mechanic creatures. Being the robots non-anthropomorphic clarifies the aim of Silva that is focusing the direction towards which the technological innovation is oriented within the human-machine interaction that is not a reproduction of human beings relations but a new kind of interaction.

Valentina Culatti