Liquid Space

book + dvd video

The concept of fluid space, ie the organization of information in a three-dimensional environment, summarizing graphics, images and sounds in an environment navigable in three directions is the pivot around which the Belgians routa Research Lab [au]. This text is a summary of their work accessible of years, hosting a flawless design installations, live performances, external collaborations and empathy theory. With the freedom of a (albeit expensive) self-browsable text in an opening (like a wad of colors) and structured in tabs with a detailed breakdown of content that takes advantage of the partial unfolding of the data due to obligor circular motion. Depending on how and when you open it, it in fact, reveals information about places, times, places, references and projects operated or supported by the group. The reflected, therefore, cutting space (typical of screen interfaces) in the model used, with the style of use, ie the flow of the cards based on the central pivot, materialize research in the printed medium, illustrating then extensively into the content video attachments.